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Digital Menu Boards - One Stop Solution to Keep Up With Regulations & Trends

Digital Menu Boards

Keeping Up With Regulations & Trends

Eliminate the Printing Cost

Digital Menu boards reduce the cost of printingDigital menu boards eliminate the cost of printed, traditional menu boards. The good old menu cards/posters or the traditional back lit restaurant menu boards are now obsolete, boring to look at, challenging to read and maintain. With the falling prices of LCDs and Flat Panel Displays, Restaurant Menu Boards and Signs are a much more cost-effective solution. Digital menu boards can be used in fast-food locations, quick-serve restaurants, doughnut shops, bars, and coffee shops as a way to increase sales, improve ambiance, and streamline business operations.

  • Flexibility to manage and update menu items and prices – all from a central location
  • Display different menus at different times of the day – Schedule breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.
  • Easily add specials, promotions, video showcases of your gourmet menu
  • Save the expense of printing and shipping static menu boards
High ROI on Digital Signage Projects

Eliminate the time and labor cost

Eliminate the time and labor associated with mounting new boards every time your prices/menu items change. Digital is the wave of the future when it comes to restaurant menus and digital signage software delivers the meaningful functionality for making it attractive and relevant. Add some zing to the ambiance of your restaurant and communicate with your customers in style. Digital menus make the customer experience more lively and memorable. Imagine animated and changing menu, info on local time, weather and even news. You can change the menu items and price list anywhere, anytime… and you don’t have to be a tech genius to do that! Dynamic digital menu boards utilize digital signage hardware-controller and software to remotely manage the menu-board content on multiple display screens or LCD televisions. The signage software is web-based application allowing access to your digital menu boards from any remote location, worldwide. This cloud-based approach provides the ability to educate and inform your valued customers in a timely manner. The digital menu board controller is priced at $390, there is no additional cost for the signage software / web-based application. No subscription fee, no contracts, and no commitments.

Flexible and Versatile

Digital Menu boards are flexible and versatile

Mvix Digital Menu Boards provide the flexibility & versatility your restaurant needs. Digital signage platforms provide the food service businesses a way to be as flexible as the market demands. No one wants to wait a week to get new menu boards from the printer anymore when they can update digital menus instantly and as often as desired. And who can blame them? As foods and cuisines form an integral part of the cultural identity of a nation or locality, showcasing the story behind that cuisine adds to its flavor. Imagine a showcase of your unique cuisine with information such as the origin of the cuisine, its ingredients, other details unique to the area or food etc.

Digital Menu boards are flexible and versatile
  • Customer Relationship starts with sharing information. Share the stories behind your recipes on your menu boards
  • Display those calorie values to say you care about your customer’s health and well-being
  • Showcase the regulatory information attractively, neatly with better visibility and readability displays
  • Enhance your business credential, reputation and ROI by keeping pace with needs of changing times
  • One-time cost, easy to use software, and customizable display options. Update your menu boards from anywhere over the internet

Digital Menu technology such as the Mvix Digital Signage systems are being implemented by restaurants and cafeterias faster than any new technology that came before it. Food service businesses–from “Mom and Pop” outfits to national chains–quickly realized the return on investment for hi-def digital signage makes it the easiest way to trim operating costs … AND to keep the look of menu board fresh.

Get Started for $390

During the past few years, Mvix has completely redefined the idea of restaurant menu for fast food locations and pizza shops with the introduction of Digital Signage Boards and its latest Flat Panel LCD Digital Menu Board. Currently being used in hundreds of restaurants in US, Canada, UK, Iceland, Middle-east, Italy, Brazil, India and the Caribbean, Mvix Digital Menu Boards have transformed the very face of fast-food signage and ordering system.

Vertical Digital Menu boards systems

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