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Digital Signage for Restaurant, Bars, Sports Clubs, Night Clubs, and lounges

Restaurants: Digital Menu Boards

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Drives Dynamic Restaurant Communication

Digital Menu boards reduce the cost of printingAs more people eat out for lunch and dinner, restaurants with diverse functions and clientele are using digital signage to improve customer communications, upgrade menu displays, and create a livelier atmosphere for their patrons. Digital displays present a unique opportunity for restaurant owners to easily and effectively enhance their image, promote higher-end offerings, and entertain customers while they wait to be served.

  • Digital signage is ideal for displaying menus, daily specials, and nutrient/calorie information (increasingly required by law)
  • Post wine lists and other drink offerings
  • Earn revenue from advertising partners by displaying more ads in a smaller space and more appealing format
  • Save money by eliminating printing and design costs
  • Manage and update content easily – control multiple screens from one central unit


Digital Signage in Restaurants & Bars is becoming a norm:

Restaurant digital signage

Save Money and Earn More

Digital signage for restaurant

Between profits from enhanced ad revenue and savings from decreased paper use, digital signage systems show swift and strong ROI.


  • The cost of price and menu changes
  • The cost of expensive printing and shipping
  • Artwork and graphic design expenses


Digital signage for restaurant
  • Awareness of upcoming deals or events
  • Opportunities to partner with other local businesses
  • Opportunities for more effective branding

Particularly for restaurants located in Central Business or Business Improvement Districts, digital signage offers a unique opportunity to form or nurture effective partnerships. Cross-promotion can be lucrative for all parties involved–digital signage makes this easier and more straightforward.

Broad Applicability

Digital signage for restaurant

Regardless of venue, digital signage can find a useful application in almost any bar or restaurant setting.

  • Sports Bars: Scores, the latest odds, beers on tap, and other standard drink prices
  • Entertainment Venues (comedy/jazz clubs, etc.): Information about upcoming events, performer information
  • Lunch/Short-Order (QSR) Restaurants: Image-enhanced menus, entertainment and advertisements for waiting customers
  • Fancier Restaurants: Digital Signage can still play an effective complimentary role in front desk and bathroom areas – share information about chefs and display positive restaurant reviews

Digital signage helps restaurant establishments of all types display more information more economically, by using less space, less money, and creating more of a “buzz.”

Digital Signage: The Perfect Addition to any Sports Bar

Digital signage and advertising systems in bars

When used in a sports bar, Digital Signage can be especially powerful. Large LCDs that are displaying a highly anticipated sporting event will garner many eyeballs. A video feed via the Mvix Digital Signage System in a zoned-window, leaves the rest of the screen’s “real estate” available for high-profile, messaging and advertising. Logos can be displayed in a corner, sponsorships can be run in a crawl line, and an animated Advertisement of your wine selection can run on the side. Often times a supplier to the dining/sports bar facility will divert coop-advertising dollars to dynamic video showcasing than print advertising.

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